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Rev. Jurie Kriel (Communion)

Rev. Jurie Kriel   Pastor & Director The NXT Move Austin , TX

Rev. Jurie Kriel
Pastor & Director
The NXT Move
Austin , TX

Jurie Kriel is based in Austin, Texas where he is innovating the 5twelve City Church plant that will reach a 90% unchurched urban core by reimagining church for the next generation.

He also leads a global initiative with called the NXT Move. Gathering the next generation of Gospel city movement leaders from around the world to catalyze a global turnaround in reaching the next generation and utilize urbanization as an opportunity for the Gospel, ultimately adding momentum to a movement that will see global cities flourish spiritually and socially. Before that Jurie was part of the Doxa Deo leadership in South Africa where he has led a mega church in Pretoria, while overseeing several others and also been closely involved in an urban church plant.

Leadership development is key to his calling and life mission. Before becoming part of Doxa Deo he co- founded and led a Bible school called The Timothy Leadership Team – training many people that are today actively involved in full time ministry all across the world. During this time he was also a Pastor of First Love Church in Wellington, Cape Town.

Jurie believes in communicating God’s word in such a way that is not only understood but remembered, and not just remembered but applied –this is key to changing the world. To this end he ministered extensively throughout the United States of America and in many nations like: South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Madagascar, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Brazil, India, Lesotho, Kenya, Uganda and Mozambique. As a church consultant he has invested internationally on church structure, leadership development & church planting.

Jurie and his wife Karin have been married for 18 years and have two boys, Joshua and Ethan who are continuously teaching him more than he could ever wish to teach them.