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Dr. Tom Tewell

Rev. Dr. Tom Tewell  Director Macedonian Ministry  Atlanta, Georgia

Rev. Dr. Tom Tewell
Macedonian Ministry
Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Tom Tewell has loved being pastor of four wonderful congregations during his forty years in pastoral ministry, but in this current chapter of his life, he thoroughly enjoys being a pastor to pastors, a consultant to churches...and, most of all, a husband, dad, and granddad to seven grandchildren between the ages of one and twenty! Each of the congregations Tom has served are unique in their own way. The First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is a pioneer in the small group movement in America. The Presbyterian Church of New Providence, NJ is characterized by a venture of faith stewardship program in which no one pledges to the church, but the congregation gives in faith, and often oversubscribed its budget. Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas is one of America’s largest churches (over 5000 members) and yet it is one of a very few congregations in the world who gives away one dollar to the needs of the world for every dollar they spend on themselves. And, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian in New York City (3,500 members) is well known for a significant ministry to the homeless during Tom’s tenure. Dr. Tewell was pastor of Fifth Avenue on September 11, 2001 when he and his congregation offered a message of Christian hope to New York.

Known as a dynamic and inspiring preacher, Tom continues to be invited to preach each year in congregations and at conference centers all over America. He teaches preaching seminars in several theological seminaries and he currently teaches and coaches young preachers in the Zick Preaching Scholar Program that he developed and helped to start in 2014.

An entrepreneur at heart, Tom is also Founder of Macedonian Ministry, a leadership development program that he started in 2008, along with Atlanta developer Tom Cousins. Macedonian Ministry currently touches the lives of 600 pastors in 24 different denominations across America and Scotland. MM offers pastors the opportunity to participate in a three-year, peer-learning cohort that helps them discover creative new ideas for ministry.  Tom and his wife Suzanne have been married for almost 50 years and they have two married sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law and seven grand-children, who are the joy of their lives! The Tewell’s live in Claremont, California, close to their three youngest grandchildren!