The Chapel History

Welcome to the Chapel at Ocean Reef centered in the heart of the Ocean Reef Community in North Key Largo, Florida. For twenty years religious services at Ocean Reef Club were held in meeting rooms. Finally, in 1970, a group of Members pooled their talents and efforts and built an ecumenical chapel for the benefit of the entire ORC community. Truly interdenominational, the chapel offers a weekly Catholic mass on Saturday, a Protestant service on Sunday and a service for Episcopalians on Wednesday. Jewish services are held monthly. The Chapel Annex is used for children’s Sunday school, adult Bible studies, and receptions following special services. The Chapel is open all day for prayer and meditation and is always available for weddings and funerals. Interfaith memorials are held with a rabbi, a Catholic priest and a Protestant minister. For information and Chapel scheduling, please call Kit Vasquez at at 305-367-2499 or


The Ocean Reef Club History

Ocean Reef Club reflects the thoughtful creation of an ideal, exclusive community of like-minded people. From the modest fishing camp and 26-room lodge established by Morris Baker in 1948, the interests and expertise of our Members have guided the growth of our private club and community. The original 9-hole course, laid out in the 1950s, evolved into two 18-hole championship courses, The Clubhouse and a Pro Shop. A tidal swimming lagoon was created during the fifties along with a swimming pool. Shops began to appear. Moorings became a marina. It was a good place to be.
Ocean Reef became a private club in 1993 following the buy-out from the former developer. Then as now, daily operation of the Club has been overseen by the board of directors, the Club staff and committees. As the years have passed, the number of Members who own their own homes with magnificent views has continued to grow. Close to four thousand Members of ORC remain determined to preserve the private club’s rich traditions and gracious lifestyle for future generations. The “Clubs within the Club” – many with their own long histories – have proliferated to accommodate an unusually broad spectrum of interests. There is a fire station. A medical center staffed with full-time doctors and an impressive array of visiting specialists. A corps of public safety officers trained as first responders, with ambulance and airlift on call. A landing strip and a flying club. Restaurants and shops. Yet none of these amenities intrude into the prevailing calm that’s so highly prized.

Ocean Reef Club has grown to become a self-contained community and private club dedicated to a sense of well-being amid tranquility and the enjoyment of friends and family. Assurance of a wholesome lifestyle for our children has always been and continues to be foremost among our goals. The atmosphere of ORC is relaxed yet sophisticated. Privacy is respected.